About Designalyze

Designalyze is a newly founded company with a fresh look on design. Tired of the same old outdated designs? Give us a try. 

Are you thinking of selling your home? Or just wanting a fresh look for your forever home? Designalyze has what you need to get your home in top selling condition or to give you a stylish redesign. From a staging consultation to staging an occupied home, this home staging company knows what it takes to get homes sold quickly and for top dollar.

We specialize in re-designing and staging smaller sized homes. Our goal is to assist people in making their homes more functional, stylish, and ready for you to sell or stay. 

Isha Caldwell, CHSE

Isha is a certified home staging expert, and the founder of Designalyze.

Interior design and remodeling have been passions of hers since being introduced to it by her father in her childhood. Since beginning this home staging journey Isha has learned a lot about what makes people happy. Creating warm welcoming homes is a life long goal.

612.388.6608  |  i.caldwellbusiness@gmail.com

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